With my friend, Jane. Out on a pub-crawl for charity. (Really!)
Summer 1996


Dancing for Dave and Zoe at their wedding.
March 1998


Still dancing? Annabel is not amused.
March 1998


In Vancouver, Canada.
Fall 1999


Skiing in Aspen. Right after this photo was taken I fell, injured my knee, and had to
be taken down the mountain on the abulance sled. How embarrassing.
Jan. 2000


Sitting in a Napa vinyard, with a few friends,
Jane, Debbie, Meng (Meng's two kids) Rich, Ken... Landon, Giselle, Richard
Summer 2000


Sailing with Jane and Tony.
Summer 2000


In Beunne, France.
Fall 2000


On the canals of Burgundy, France.
Fall 2000


Easy Street, stepping out for New Year's Eve!
Dec. 31, 2000


Out for a hike.
Summer 2001


Russian River with Tom.
Summer 2001.