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oMaryann Hrichak o Margaret Moody Moran eTom GevasAnthea-Maria Poole
°Anne Vicory
e Kent Dunlap
The total this year was $11 5 and contributions ranged from $7.50 to $35.

Becky Dennison Sakellariou joined Study in Greece in May. 1986. as Assistant Director. taking over from Laura Griner. A long-time resident of Greece. a poet and a New Englan der. Becky is a graduate in literature of Antioch College. Yellow Springs. Ohio. She comes to Study in Greece with work experience in publishing, editing. writing, public relations and organizing. Presently she is working on her MA in Education with a focus in Counseling and helping raise her two teenage boys.
Judy Flaherty is Study in Greece’s new Housing Coordinator since November. 1985. Originally from Massachusetts. she came to Greece in 19,73 and spent 14 year as a “pink collar worker.” i.e. mother and housewife. Her previous work experience includes employment in a bank, as a legal secretary. and in a shoe import firm. She has two healthy daughters.
Dorothy Twelves, SIG’s new Office Coor dinator began with us in April. 1986. Although British in nationality, she likes to think of herself as Greek. All together. she has been in Greece for eight years. but her secretarial and office work has taken her to places we only read about: Libya. Zambia. the Scottish highlands (there she managed a hunting lodge). Dorothy was a grandmother before she ever went abroad, and she reminds us that life doesn’t start only at 40. but also at 50. 60 or whenever you let it.

Our official address has been changed back to Neofronos 1, GR-161 21 Athens, Greece. Office operations and the library have new headquarters across the campus and down the hill. Office hours:
9-2. Telephone: 723-8825.

From this year on, Study in Greece will be subletting its student apartments in the summer months. If you plan to be in Athens between June 10 and August 10, any summer, write and we’ll send you all the information.

For every $20 donation we will send you our Greek music tape free. Separate purchases of the tape and explanatory sheet cost $8. Make checks payable to Katharine M. Butterworth.

We have lost track of the following alums. Some newsletters have been returned; other alums have no addresses.
Does anyone have information on what
they’re up to or where they can be located?
*Nicholas Miona
* Georgia Norris
*Nancy Osborne
*Alan Rawn
*Pamela Schmidt
*Kenneth A. Siegel
* Susan Skucas
*Elaine Smith
*Jamie Smith
* Carol Stevens
*Penny Wien
*Nikki Zangles


Many thanks to Alumni who contributed in 1985-86:

Study in Greec&s library has been lovingly and painstakingly acquired over the years T-he one single thing our students continually express desire for is more books, either new or second copies. Every year there are at least two major books published on modern Greece. We need a copy of these in the library.
All of your contributions go directly to the library. The book purchased is inscribed with your name and the year you attended Study in Greece. Is there a special, remembered book you would like us to buy with your name as donor in the front? Is there a specific area you’d like us to purchase more texts in? When you think of Study in Greece, think books and send us a donation.


Alexis Alexandris discovered extensive archives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that documented a Greek holocaust in 1920-1922 with statistics of over 700,000 Greeks killed. He has written an article on this as a rebuttal another one which claimed there was no such event. He also attended a conference in New York in May on Greek, Turkish and American relations. His four year old son. Nicholas. is showing an extremely advanced interest and skill in languages. already speaking French. Greek and English!
Katharine Butterworth has recently climbed 35 mountain peaks; studied Greek with Maria LaIna; attended an outstanding environmental, ecology conference on Zakynthos; stayed for two weeks in James Cerruti’s Santorini hermitage; spent one month on Zakynthos as a volunteer for the Greek Turtle project; and finally, is doing an independent study in Fernand Braudel’s works.
Steven Diamant gave a paper on “Problems in Aegean Prehistoric Archaeology” at a conference organized by the University of Manchester. Great Britain, this spring. Presently he is finishing Lip his written work on the Franchthi Cave.
Lambrini Dimitriadou acted in an Athens production of John Alden’s “Live Like Pigs” and had a part in the film “Meteoro Kai Skia.” about a young Greek poet. which won 4 prizes at the 1985 Thessaloniki Film Festival. She is presently involved in theatrical studio work with a group of professional and amateur actors.
Laura Griner writes. “After 6 1/2 years (that’s 13 semesters) of working for Study in Greece. I’m moving on. I’ll still be living in Athens. though. In September I start work as a computer programmer. of all things. A friend who has a software company will be training me in the development of database programs for Greek businesses. This is entirely different from anything I’ve done up-to no-w, so I’m approaching it with some. trepidation, but great curiosity. I will miss the contact with all of you but I’m excited about entering a new phase of my life. More news next year.” F’etã icat xapã ctç!s.
Yannis Hans continues to write for Anti and travels occasionally to Patmos.
Dionysis Kapsalis will be taking a sabbatical this year to finish his PhD thesis. “Autobiography in the Poetry of Kavafy.” He is also at work on an article on Andreas Embirikos. the surrealist poet.
Kostas Karamanlis is practising law and just published his PhD thesis. Venizelos and Greece’s External Relations 1928-1932.
Alexander Kitroeff has taken a teaching position in Greek History at City College of New York. He will be doing research for the Commercial Bank of Greece on a project known as “Pelop ponesus. USK’ on Greek-American immigrants. He will be living in Astoria. N.Y.
LaIna has recently published a translation of Edith Wharton’s Ethan Fromm and a dramatic monologue. The Clown. At present she is involved in hard manual labor renovating her new apartment.
John Loulis joined an international delegation to observe the elections in the Philippines organized by the U.S. Democratic and Republican Institutes. He recently published articles for both Encounter and Survey magazines and continues to write for the Wall Street Journal.
Anthi Maroniti continues to edit for the Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece. She recently attended a symposium on Ancient Theatre in Delphi.
George Mikelis gave a paper on the “Decentralization Strategy of the Commercial Bank of Greece” at a conference on Eurobanking in Madrid. He is now working on a long term study of the contributions of the Greek banking system to the economic development of Greece.
Theodoros Pangalos is now the Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Roumeliotis is presently Deputy Minister of the National Economy.
Elizabeth Sahin-Georgiadou married a Dutchman in 1979, got her PhD in England and now has 2 children. She runs a seed company for the breeding and production of’ flower seeds for export and travels quite extensively for the business.
Jan Motyka Sanders was at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens finishing her PhD. (See also 5 ‘76).

*Cathy A bell
*Nancy Ackermann
* Carol Bium
* Georgia Christos
*Evelyn Craighead
*Debra Ely
* William Fischer
*Donna Fong
*Daphne Fraser
*Heidi Haden
*Susannah Jennings
*Ruth McConchie





We all want to know!

Joan Kelley Cassidy is delighted with her new job “intellectually challenging and interesting with flexible hours.” She continues to interpret for Greek children in local schools and has started serious swimming with Tom. He is participating in a 5-yr Harvard study on the effect of micro-computers as a tool in the developing countries.
Claudine Langille spent eight months on the road in Scotland, England and US in ‘84 with her trio “Touchstone”; their second album Jealousy (with Claudine’s the title song) has received honorable mention from the National Association of Independent Record Distributors. She was on Kos last summer taping fishermen’s songs.
James Cerruti (also F ‘74) visited Greece and his house on Santorini last year. He is still VP of Bank of America doing wholesale marketing for a’ of $o.!’th America. k participated in Carnival in Rio and is looking forward to his next cycle trip through either Bordeaux or Scandinavia.
Martha Mohn Brady went to St. Moritz in January with Brian to ski and “try our hand at making babies.”
Margaret Moody
Moran moved to Columbus. Ohio from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Her husband is coaching and teaching. she is in graphic design and her letter says they have a 2 yr-old, Shane. “a cross between a turkey. ham, and tiger.” Please clarify. Peggy!
Christin Bowen is doing some exciting work with a director and, despite the “ever-present office job.” is feeling slightly more comfortable financially. She has been planning a visit to Greece.
Pamela Low, one of our “missing persons.” has now been found, thanks to Maureen Dougherty (King), S ‘74, who sent her a newsletter. She lived and worked in Boston for 5 years, then went to Syracuse for her MS in Environmental Biology. Presently a 3rd year student at Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine in Boston, Pamela will graduate in ‘87 and leans “toward small animal clinical medicine and/or pathology.”
Paula Procopiou writes after a long silence that she married an Athenian. Vassili Papanikolaou, in ‘76 whom she met in Boston. They now live in Nashua NH where he designs computers for Air Force planes and she is at home lIE tct TratöiOL”, George, 5, and Tina, 2, who are both fluent in Greek. Susan Robinson moved to Greece with her husband and their two children in the fall of ‘85. She is teaching English.
Jane Cowen (also S ‘76) is writing her dissertation in “Dylan Thomas country.” Along with very satisfactory teaching, she has also

worked in a group of women anthropologists on cross-cultural ideas of “person” and “gender,” and gave a paper at the Modern Greek Studies Association challenging the facile use of the category ‘minority’ based on Sohos material. She is now “working on deals with coffee drinking and Sohos girls, and women’s controversial entrance into local cafeterias.” She married Charles in June and will be in Greece early fall for a symposium on Lesbos for the new University of the Aegean.
Thomas Gevas writes that
Tom Burnham and Martha Hubert are working in SF. California. as is Susan Kern. Tom G. continues to live in SF and work for ITEL Containers “spending more than I make... a confirmed non-swinging single.”
James Stone has moved to Greece with his wife. Eugenia and young daughter. Assimina. In the spring, he taught American Poetry at the American Hellenic Union and has a job as Director of the English language program at one of Athens’ better private schools. James won Columbia Universily’s presigio!Js “Best Translator of a Greek Book” Prize for the translation into English of Yianni Kondou’s
“TL 0c5t0 lOLl àX?.a Ttoli)pfxta. 72-82.” He is presently preparing an anthology of Takis Sinopoulos’ poems and will be teaching a semester of Modern Greek Poetry for SIG.
George Kalogerakis vIsited Greece this year for the first time in 10 years. He now works as an editor for SPY, a new, irreverent and humourous magazine for and about New York City.
Ruth Mandel was in Athens. summer ‘85. After finishing her work with Turkish immigrants in Berlin. she has returned to the University of Chicago to write her Ph D.
Jan Motyka Sanders studied at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, finishing her PhD in Classical Archaeology on “Cult and Sculptural Representations of Kastor and Polydeukes, the Laconian Dioscuri.” Jan was the cook on a dig in Laconia this summer. This year. she will be studying on a Kress Fellowship at the University of Missouri. Columbia. Her husband. Guy. is studying Byzantinç pottery from Corinth.
Dorian Perchik and Jeffrey Bergen married each other last year with a celebration for 250. They then spent 2 months in Ladakh. Northern India. and Nepal and Italy. Dorian is establishing a real estate business in NYC and Jeff runs his family galleries of l9th/2Oth Century American painting and contem porary art.
Yitzchak Karem is living in Israel. married to a Frenchwoman and was researching a history of the Jews in Greece.
Deborah 1-lurley now lives in Petersburg. Alaska where she and her companion have a canoe and kayaking business. To make ends meet she works for the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game; her present project is to “count pockeye salmon through a fish wier on

Salmon Bay River. During the day I go for walks, watch the 7 pairs of eagles we have. eat wild blueberries.., and during the nights
—all 4 hours of them— I count fish and listen to the bears downstream.”
Paula Mirk, one of our “found” alumnis. has been living in Barcelona. Spain with her husband and 5-year old daughter. Paula teaches English there. They are thinking of going back to Mexico to be closer to their families. Amanda Summer-Slavin was back in Greece again June and July ‘85 working at the Ithaca excavations. Her mother joined her for the last week of the dig.
Elizabeth Wessinger-Doulgerakis visited Study in Greece in summer ‘85. She is living in Atlanta, raising her 2-yr-old daughter. Anna, tending the garden and has begun painting. Her husband, Yannis. is Vice President and General Manager of Harris Engineering Co. in Atlanta.
Paki Donaldson (Spears) visited Greece in the nrner with her mother who & o he the KoulI7tapa at her foster brother, Tassos’s wedding. “SIG was one of the best things that ever happened to me
Susannah Jennings was working as a ranger at Rio Grande National Park in Marathon. Texas which, she said in a letter to someon else, is not as attractive as Marathon. Greece. We still haven’t found her; the newsletter got there after she left.
Joshua Plaut’s photographic exhibition of the small Jewish community in Greece continues to tour the US from Miami to LA and may go on to Jerusalem. Joshua has been mountain climbing in Kashmir. and he became a Reformed Rabbi in May. His thesis is on Jews in Greece 1912-1983.
Mindy Posoff is in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania working towards her MBA. She worked for an investment bank/venture capital firm
“I am thoroughly enjoying myself, love my work and am completely excited by the future.”
Maryann Hrichak (also 5 ‘78) is working full time at the Georgetown University Center for Immigration Policy and Refugee Assistance. She coordinates programs. placing students in refugee or development work. In 1984. she worked in the Philippines. helping to transport Vietnamese refugees.
Denise Gorant (also 5 ‘78) has moved to a smaller PR firm, still in NYC. which she enjoys. She and Kevin skied in Utah this last spring.
Markos Kounalakis is the anchorperson for a weekly cable TV program called “News Europe.” He is hoping to land a teaching assistantship at a foreign service school to continue his studies. He has recently travelled to Turkey and extensively on the US west Coast.
Catherine (Katy) Cushman has finished an



MA iii Public Health and is job hunting in. Boston although she’d consider an overseas position.
Shawn Keys left Japan last spring, travelling through Africa to Greece. He will be going to graduate school in the US in creative writing. Christopher Popov lives in Aptos. CA and engineers and produces local talk shows with KMFO Newstalk. During breaks, he provides a few minutes of news and weather.
Marcella Simon
is still employed as a publisher’s representative in Phoenix but recently passed her foreign service exams. She is now waiting for her security investigation clearance.
Spyros Vulgaropoulos is in his second year at medical school and Jan works at a child abuse agency. They visited Greece in summer ‘85. Life in N.C. agrees with both of them immensely.
cpeINOrIf2PO 78
Triada Samaras married a fellow artist from Switzerland while in art school, as reported by a relative who met Katharine in the tax office.
Elizabeth Scheller visited Greece for a friend’s wedding in May ‘86.
Anthea-Maria Poole sold her family business and her home last year and now lives in the Italian community in Boston “that is as close to Europe as I can get.” She has recently applied to schools for her Master’s in Elementary Education.
Liza Cabot is living and working in Paris. Its a wonderful city and I truly appreciate its virtue after two years of ‘city life’ in Denver and NYC. Guests welcome!” Liza tells us that Steve McAdams was catering in Denver, Cob, and that Lauren Rich Fine is married and living in Mountain View, CA.
lizahe1h Dfike-G-idon went to the States for
a month last year. She and Yoram and son, Gad who is “blooming” moved to another kibbutz where the life “is hard but often rewarding. I’m still questioning how I, Liz Drake, am on a religious kibbutz, doing religious things....”
Christopher Simer returned to Athens this summer (and is sub-letting flivöou 43!) on an independent study program with the Minnesota Study project for Amity Among Nations to study the “bloodier aspects of the Greek Civil War.” He has resumed Greek language study and is also engaged to an international health educator, Michelle Moran, who may be working in Africa in the near future.
Nancy Osborne has been in Law School in Florida and was to have taken her bar exam this past July.
Jane Jolkovski is very happily working long but fulfilling days as Assistant Editorial Art Manager at a weekly newspaper called The Tab. “I’m still learning, acquiring the necessary skills for my Grand Plan in Graphic Design.”
Denise Sinchock is married to an Englishman, Peter Morton, and living in Midland, Texas, “the Saudi Arabia of America!” She is a records manager for a law firm and Peter is a geophysicist, and they have two sheltie dogs, Kirby and Meyrick.
Chris Houser is working for Columbia Systems designing the flexible parts of computer systems to meet a radio or TV station’s specific needs. She travels to different stations each month to install software and train personnel. “I still manage to fit in the travel and people-work I was eager for.”
Despina (Nina) Koules has gotten her Master’s at Harvard School of Education and is working with a Boston firm handling

program development for a new higher education loan program plus getting higher education financial aid information into the community and the schools. She also keeps tabs on Congress’ redesigning of their higher education finance programs. Nina went to Carol O’Connor’s wedding to Fish last year which turned into a mini Study in Greece reunion with Nina Bogosian Quigley and Matthew there, too.
cb9IjVOI1.QPQ 81
Charles Brown (also S ‘82) is working as Press Secretary to Congressman Nick Mavroulis in Washington DC.
Judy Cummings was teaching English at the Hellenic-American Union in Athens last year. Althea Vitikos moved to Cambridge to study at the Kushi Institute for Healing and Holistic Medecine.
White (also 5 ‘82) has left DC for Boston where she’s landed a great job as a medical assistant and sees herself settling in for a good long while.
Penny Wingarten is an anthropology graduate student at Stanford. She was in a Geek class with Cecile Fraley (S ‘85) “which made 2 out of 3 students Study in Greece alums.” She did pre-dissertation work for her PhD in Athens this summer, and stayed at Mcnicfjvu 93. She says that all the stereotypes of the west coast are true. Penny bumped into Monica Rickenberg who has finished law school.
cbOINOll.QPO 82
Bob Lazzaro has given up plans for the priesthood and is studying for his Master’s in public relations/communications at Syracuse University. He sees Lori Ramus about once a year and still tries to speak Greek, if only to himself.
Debbie Ostrow finished her Master’s thesis, a research study on the VS
day-care system and now works as a research assistant for a psychological study on mother’s emotional responses to children. Among other things, she is learning a facial coding system for interpreting facial expressions. She wants to continue doctoral work in psychology. Emily Young visited Debbie in Berkeley last year. She has been working in a school for emotionally disturbed and learning disabled children, and hopes to travel to the orient. Eon Ramus has just moved to Cleveland Heights, Ohio, still working for Sherwin Williams. She’s happy, working hard and planning a trip to Australia this year. According to Lori, Sally Brainard has left her job in a bank in Boston to study architecture in Boulder, Cob.
Martha Belcher travelled in Europe, worked with the American Field Service and now is looking for a job in NY, while thinking of “a Peace Corps type of experience.” She stayed with Jennifer Marshall in La Coste where she teaches drawing, and has had visits from Shawn Stewart, Fotis and Janet Serrin.
Barbara Close is living in the Berkshires (MA) and working as an employment counselor for welfare clients, “satisfying and challenging work.” She spent 10 days in Greece with old friend Dimitri this summer. Nicole Judy (also F ‘83) visited Greece and Study in Greece in ‘85. She has now begun graduate school at the University of Chicago working towards her PhD in Intellectual History with a concentration on Modern Greece. Nicole told us that Nina Nickles had a job working with lonian Villages, summer ‘85. Other news from Nicole: Andrea Wiley graduated from University of Pennsylvania, went to Alaska where she worked gutting fish, and then travelled for 4 months in Asia. Now she’s at Berkeley working towards a degree in anthropobogy and Michael Aliber is in Togo (Africa) with the Peace Corps teaching agricultural methods.

Kelly Moutsos has applied to graduate school at U Mass.
Anne Vicory has been accepted at New York Law School and is living in Queens. She broke both her tibia and her tibia (in leg) when a friend accidentally ran over her, so she was laid up for quite a while. She hopes to visit Greece soon.
ct’OJNOJ1I2PO 83
Patrick Cody is currently a research assistant/junior correspondent with Kyodo News Service, the Japanese wire service, at its Washington DC bureau. He visited Japan recently “I was very impressed... but there is too much pressure from every corner...” Elizabeth Dear is in Zaire with the Peace Corps teaching English. She has developed a taste for Zairian food, some of which “would make Mexican eyes water,” and is excited about the challenges of her experience.
Grace DeMajewski (also S ‘84) was looking for a job teaching Latin and “hopefully Ancient Greek.” last time we heard. She has decided to reapply to graduate school in a year or so, perhaps to U Mass.
LeighAnn Hieronymus is working in stocks, bonds, etc. with Prudential-Bache Securities. “At my desk I have my own computer with access to many fun and secret things, not to mention stock trades, foreign currency, etc...” Jim Oerther was looking for work in Cincinnati this spring and plans to go to a seminary in about four years.
Titika Panagakos spent part of last summer in Cyprus on a dig, with her fiancé. Andreas Orphanides, a Cypriot and an archaeologist. They plan to be married this year when he finishes his doctorate and she her bachelor’s. Sam Paul (also S ‘84) graduated from Bates last year, writing his PoliSci thesis on the Greek party system. After a 4000 mile trip out to Tucson, and a wide variety of “work experiences,” he has found his niche substitute teaching on a Navajo reservation. Sam also coaches a Special Olympics Track Team, plays basketball for the reservation and is excited about learning Navajo, primarily an oral language. “Living on the reservation engineers the same challenges as living in Athens...” According to Sam, Kitten Genner is “doing tine” and still trying to get her degree and Barbara Govin is busy with a new baby daughter. Karen Winters is living in Old Greenwich. Conn., and reluctantly commuting to work in NYC.
Valerie Smith married Angebos in the summer of ‘85 and has been working in an office in Athens. They are thinking of moving to the States.
Evelyn Tsamtsouris is busy at Law School and hoped to come to Greece in the summer. She tells us that Amy Lynch is working at a marketing company.
Kent Dunlap studied the homing behaviour of acquatic turtles in Minnesota last summer and is now teaching English as a Second Language in Brooklyn. He hopes to go to Southern India on a crocodile project next year. Kent has seen Steve Pratt recently.
Steve Pratt, who also saw and reported to us on Kent Dunlap, landed a political research job in Washington D.C. where he does legislative analysis of the Congress for corporate clients and “a healthy amount of consulting work for members of Congress on how to deal with the private sector.” The future definitely has a place for his PhD. and he plans to do his graduate work on the role of the mass media in democratic theory. He has seen a bevy of SIGs
Sam Paul, Kent Dunlap, MulTy Cohn.
Mark Broude graduated from Williams this spring and, although accepted at U Chicago Law School. he “might go to Yale and might go to Greece to teach at Athens College.” Kathy Colbert graduated from Colby this