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November 2011

Last month, Diana Lipka traveled to Greece on business and reconnected with Katharine Butterworth.  Note Katharine's name is spelled with two a's and one e.  When she returned, she hosted a dinner for myself and Maryann Hrichak.  There we shared some old SIG stories and caught up with those people we knew in common.  Since I first posted this web page, Facebook has become a common and easy place to get old friends and classmates together to share stories and pictures.  We decided that it would be worthwhile to create a SIG Facebook group and see who we could find from there.  The group is current open for all to see (if you have a Facebook account.)  You can reach it directly from this link to SIG: Study in Greece on Facebook.
In addition, we've got a directory from Katharine that has all the students from all the years, 1970 to 1989, just over 500 of us!  You can view and download a copy of the spreadsheet here, or the PDF file here.

So spread the word-- let's see how many of us we can find.  Katharine is writing up her memoirs of SIG, and would very much like to hear all of your stories.

Rick LaReau
F84 - S85

August 2007

Over twenty years ago in 1984, I spent my junior year of college living and studying in Athens, Greece.  It was part of a program called "Study in Greece."  I don't recall how I first heard of it, but my college (The College of St. Thomas) and its four sister colleges (St. Catherine, Mcallister, Hamline and Augberg) had a very strong "study abroad" program, usually for ones junior year.  I happend to have a Greek friend, Mike Logothetis, who invited me to spend a summer with him and his family in Thessaloniki and at their summer house in Halkithiki.  Somewhere during the plans, I found out about Study in Greece and made arragements to stay for the whole year.

Studay in Greece (SIG) was founded in the early 70's, and was running through the dictatorship overthrow of the government in 1973.  It ran for many years, at least up to 1986, when a TWA flight from Rome bound for Athens was bombed and made international news.  That event resulted in many Mediterranian study-abroad programs drying up, and I believe it was the last year for Study in Greece.

Since then I received one newsletter updating the whereabouts of all the students and teachers the SIG administration could locate.  Over the past few years I've checked the Internet for any information about SIG or its participants, but have not found anything beyond this one reference.  I knew that the founder of the program, Katherine Butterworth, had stayed working in Greece.  The year I was there Laura Griner was the head adminstrator, although she left for computer programming work the following year. I haven't found anything from Google to indicate their more recent activities.

So, here it is.  Study in Greece, my year fall 1984 and spring 1985.  Most students stayed only one semester, but myself, Paul Muhich and Jocelyn Miller stayed the whole year that session.  I've included here all the old documents I have, and the photos I kept.  I'm hoping that over the years more old SIG students and teachers will find this site, and be willing to share their memorabilia.  I have a gmail account, send to "rich.lareau".   Maybe someday we can have a real reunion-- with Spilios leading the dances...

Richard LaReau
Mountain View, CA
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