October 28, 2006
Many years ago I built this site in order to blog (did we have that word back then?) the expoits of my wine-tasting group, the Winos.  For a while we were pretty good about keeping up with our regular tasting notes.  Fortunately, the tastings continued even though the notes are no longer posted.  We meet every other Thursday and have been doing so for several years. 

I've also tried to keep up with the major events of our group members, and will continue to do so.  The link to the original site has all the old notes links to other "big event" pages, some of which I've included here. 

I've also been using this site for my own personal space, and figured that a new site reorg was in order. 

March 4, 2007
Link to my photo-blog

August 6, 2007
Created a new site for Study in Greece.

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